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Basic Training
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Jul. 9th(no subject)
kurt halsey gawth
Voting post! Thanks to those of you who submitted icons yesterday and got us up to the limit. :D

This week's icons!Collapse )

Vote for your three favorites, ranked from first to third. Don't vote for yourself, don't ask others to vote for you, and you must vote to win.

Voting will be open until noon tomorrow!
Jul. 8th(no subject)
kurt halsey gawth
Hey guys,

We only have six entries at the moment, which isn't enough to hold voting, considering that we give out six awards! :D So challenge 7 is extended at least until tomorrow morning, in hopes of getting more entries. If you have any friends who like icontests, point them this way!

Jul. 5th(no subject)
It's your midweek reminder! Entries are due Friday at midnight. We'd love more entries; if you haven't participated yet or just haven't in a while, give it a shot this week! What have you got to lose? Enter Challenge #7 here!
Jul. 3rd(no subject)
kurt halsey gawth
Challenge #7!

Part I: IconCollapse )

Part II: BaseCollapse )

Icons are due Friday at midnight EST! Voting Saturday, winners Sunday.

Also, we are looking to increase participation in this community, so we'd really like it if those of you who have been enjoying the contests would spread the word among your iconmaking friends! Anyone who refers someone who submits an entry will receive a special Mod's Appreciation award in the next banner post. Just have them note who referred them when they submit their entry - otherwise, we'll have no way of knowing! Thanks guys, and thanks for sticking with us!
Basic Training: A Livejournal Icontest